Kevin David - Shopify dropshipping Ninja Masterclass

Kevin David - Shopify dropshipping Ninja Masterclass

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This course basically offers tutorials and online videos in the form of modules; on how to start a Shopify store and earn a commission from it. Let us begin with the modules and cover up the track in an orderly fashion;

Module#1: Finding Your Selling Product

This particular module focuses on the best product for you to sell, which not only will earn you some profit but will also strengthen your online presence with Shopify/Drop Shipping. Furthermore, Kevin David will be guiding you in each and every step involved in the creation of your store. Also, he will introduce you to various tactics and tricks about Shopify and the Drop Shipping and show which products will be best for you to start with, and how to get to professional and financial stability. Here is a list of things which you will be covering in First Module:

• How to find the right products and values for your online store.

• Guide you through various rules and niches of this business- Shopify Drop Shipping Style

• How to strategically work with and test different products, until you find what is right and profitable for you.

Module#2: Finding the Best Supplier(s)

As a matter of fact, the most critical part is to fix your store with efficient and able suppliers. Those who don’t back out on you in the time of need and will always prove to be beneficial for your services and store. Also, great insight is thrown in by Kevin David to reduce taxes and other duties on your imports. Some common mistakes which most of the beginners do and how to avoid making those same mistakes. And how to prevent the variable amount of taxes and duties and handling the Chinese customs the right way.

Module#3: Creating Your Shopify Store

Now we turn to the most important and delicate business, How to create your online Shopify store? Creating a visual identity is very much, and maintaining is a whole new level. This module will guide you through:

• A step by step video guide of How to set up your Shopify store for maximum sales. Kevin David will show you the same apps and techniques he uses personally.

• Start shipping the right way (Step by Step guide)

• How to quickly find and optimize web domains that are optimized with Google SEO.

Module#4: Driving Buyers and Traffic to Your Store

In this module, Kevin David will be covering all the necessary steps and guides to transform the significant marketing explosion and target the valued customers on your Shopify store. It will give insight on;

• A detailed guide for running a Facebook Ad Campaign for your store from start to finish.

• Only the particular Facebook Ad objectives which will help you grow more on this business and ignore the rest.

• How to create demand with your valued customers on Facebook and attract them to your store, where you have something exciting and engaging for them to buy.

• The exact Ad campaign budget and how to kick-start marketing, including all the ups and downs which go with it.

Module#5: To Make Sales with Affiliate Marketing (without even spending a dime)

This last but not the least module will effectively help you to create contacts with market affiliates and influencers to support your product and give a boost to the sales. Members will promote your product, and this friendly trick will help you get maximum traffic over to your website, as a gesture of kindness from your friendly influencers. Also, this module comes with Kevin David teaching you how to negotiate with the influencers and what to pay them, including access to fantastic software which helps you to find the best influencers for your products on Facebook. Also, the procedure to test the influencer’s audience and check out if they are likely to buy your product or not.

All of this and many more are included in this beautiful package by Kevin David Shopify, and if you are willing to invest in yourself, Drop Shipping may be the key to help you get to that financial freedom you are looking for.

When you start you cannot to lose momentum, and be consistent with your investments because hard work pays off at last!